MYO Plant Nutrition Repair BCAA, CBD & Glutamine - 250g
MYO Plant Nutrition Repair BCAA, CBD and Glutamine MYO Plant Nutrition Repair BCAA, CBD and Glutamine - A clean, innovative blend, combining BCAA’s, CBD and Glutamine to optimise your daily performance. Natural flavouring and stevia provides a delicious, refreshing flavour....
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Amino Blast Warrior 270g *50% OFF*
AMINO BLAST Warrior Warrior AMINO BLAST is the best all day energy amino acid and BCAA product on the market - natural all day energy, packed with zero carb, zero sugar aminos. 30 Super-Charged Servings! Incredible Flavours! Helps build lean...
€29.99 €14.99
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BCAA Xpress Scitec Nutrition - 280g
Scitec Nutrition BCAA Xpress BCAA Xpress contains Branched-Chain Amino Acids at a 2:1:1 ratio, similarly to how they are naturally found in your body. This means that using this product is an exceptionally simple and convenient way for anyone to...
€24.99 €19.99
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Gold Standard BCAA Train + Sustain
Gold Standard BCAA Train + Sustain Gold Standard BAA Benefits: 5 g BCAAs in 2:1:1 ratio Vitamin C and zinc for support immunity Magnesium for muscle support Magnesium and vitamin C to reduce tiredness and fatigue Unique formula that contains...
€25.99 €21.99
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Reanimator PRO Olimp - 1425g
Reanimator Pro Olimp A best-seller in post-workout supplementation Contains easily assimilable carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrins The composition is supplemented with creatine monohydrate, taurine and amino acids with the ratio 8:1:1   Reanimator Pro Complex formula contains: Carbohydrates compound...
€49.99 €39.99
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BCAA Zero Biotech USA 360g
BiotechUSA BCAA Zero MUSCLE BUILDING AND ENERGISING - BioTechUSA BCAA Zero BCAA amino powder contains 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine amino acids, which greatly enhance each other’s effect on building muscles and energizing, and they have a natural, specific proportion in...
€29.99 €19.99
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Ghost BCAA V2 - 30 servings
GHOST BCAA V2 Although traditionally taken during a workout or intense training session, GHOST® BCAA can be enjoyed around the clock as a phenomenal performance alternative to sugary sports drinks or juices. GHOST Full Disclosure Label: 7 grams 2:1:1 BCAAs...
€35.99 €26.99
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Breach Redcon1 - 30 servings
REDCON1 BREACH BREACH REDCON1 is the optimal muscle recovery supplement with the researched 2:1:1 BCAA ratio backed by science. Branch Chain Amino Acids, (BCAAs), L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, are the building blocks for muscle cells; without them, we don’t exist. Branch...
€34.99 from €19.99
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BCAA Xplode Energy Olimp - 500g
Olimp BCAA Xplode Energy BCAA Xplode Energy is an amino acid based supplement that has been created for representatives of endurance disciplines. Caffeine and beta-alanine contained in the composition of the product make it an ideal preparation for use both...
€34.99 €29.99
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BCAA 9.7 Mutant - 30 servings
Mutant BCAA MUTANT BCAA delivers 9.7g of fully instantized BCAA blend to help with your recovery which can support muscle growth over time. BCAA 9.7 powder mix is in the preferred 2:1:1 ratio, which is instantized for superior solubility, with added...
€26.99 €19.99
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Xtend BCAA Scivation - 30 servings
XTEND BCAA SCIVATION Xtend is the ultimate, sugar-free, BCAA-containing drink mix to be consumed during exercise (intra-workout). Whether you're a physique athlete, strongman, powerlifter, traditional athlete (e.g., football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc), endurance competitor, or just looking to significantly change your body...
€36.99 €29.99
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BCAA 8:1:1 Zero Biotech USA - 250g
BCAA 8-1-1 Zero Biotech USA BioTech USA BCAA 8:1:1 dietary supplement is a high-quality amino acid preparation, the composition of which is based on the content of branched amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine, in a unique proportion of 8:1:1...
€29.99 €22.99
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BCAA 8-1-1 OstroVit - 200g
OstroVit BCAA 8-1-1 Amino Acids OstroVit BCAA 8-1-1 is a top-class preparation for physically active people, consisting of only three branched chains amino acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine. The micronization of the product is at the highest level. The ideal...
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BCAA 8-1-1 OstroVit - 400g
OSTROVIT BCAA 8-1-1 OstroVit BCAA 8-1-1 is a top-class preparation for physically active people, consisting only of three branched amino acids, which are: leucine, valine and isoleucine. Product micronization is at the highest level. The ideal bioavailability and high solubility...
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BCAA 2-1-1 Ostrovit - 400g
BCAA 2:1:1 OstroVit - 400g OstroVit BCAA 2-1-1 is a dietary supplement containing the highest quality branched chain amino acids (BCAA), in the most preferred 2:1:1 ratio. These amino acids include: leucine, isoleucine, valine. They are crucial because they belong...
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All Day You May BCAA Rich Piana 5% Nutrition
All Day You May BCAA Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Rich Piana All Day You May is a complex Branch Chain Amino Acid BCAA formula used to boost physical performance and muscle recovery to help reach your goals FASTER. What sets Rich Piana...
€49.99 €35.99
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Leucine Powder 200g OstroVit
OstroVit Pure Leucine Powder OstroVit Leucine is a top-class preparation, based on only one ingredient which is Amino Acid L-leucine. Excessive aromas, preservatives and fillers have been deliberately omitted here, and the ideal absorbability as well as micronization at the...
€14.99 €11.99
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BCAA 1100 Mega Caps Olimp - 300 capsules
Olimp BCAA 1100 Mega Caps BCAA Mega Caps are high-quality, pharmaceutically pure branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) contained in one capsule. When you reach for a dietary supplement from Olimp, you get twice the dose of L-leucine in...
€45.99 €39.99
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BCAA Xplode Olimp Sport Nutrition - 500g
Olimo BCAA XPLODE BCAA Xplode Powder is a knockout dose of BCAA! As much as 6000 mg of high-quality, pure BCAA amino acids in a single serving in the optimal proportion 2:1:1. The product has been enriched with an approprpate dose of L-glutamine -...
€36.99 €29.99
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What is BCAA?

BCAAs branched chain amino acids are a very popular dietary supplement include three amino acids: valine, isoleucine and leucine. This dietary supplement is a great source of wholesome protein for an athlete. It is worth noting that our muscle fibers are made up of thirty percent of these three branched chain amino acids, which is why their supply is so important when building our figure at the gym.


  • One of the most anabolic amino acids.
  • It reduces muscle breakdown during intense training.
  • It stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Accelerates recovery between training sessions.
  • It stimulates the metabolism.
  • It prevents muscle catabolism in the period of fat reduction.


  • Plays an important role in providing energy to muscle cells.
  • It protects muscles against catabolism.
  • Accelerates post-workout regeneration.
  • It reduces muscle soreness.
  • It improves the hormonal balance.
  • It reduces the level of cortisol in the body.


  • It increases the level of energy in muscle cells.
  • Increases muscle endurance.
  • Accelerates regeneration.
  • It supports building lean muscle mass.
  • It stimulates protein synthesis.

BCAA - benefits:

The benefits of BCAA supplementation have been confirmed by numerous studies. A 2012 study found that athletes taking 10 g of BCAAs before and after training had significantly fewer complaints of muscle aches compared to those who did not take BCAA supplementation. In addition, people taking BCAA supplements reported greater gains in muscle mass and faster muscle recovery. It can be said that taking BCAA supplements gives us many different positive effects: inhibiting muscle breakdown, accelerating muscle recovery, increasing muscle resistance. The use of BCAA supplementation has a positive effect on body sculpting, reduces the level of adipose tissue and positively influences our reactions to stress and pain related to physical exertion.

Dietary sources of BCAAs

Essential amino acids, the group to which branched chain amino acids (BCAA) belong, are found in products mainly of animal origin - meat, fish, dairy products or eggs. They can also be found in products of plant origin, such as soybeans. You can find BCAAs in classic products such as turkey breast. These products also contain more leucine than other amino acids, which is the same when we look at the composition of the powdered supplement.

BCAA for who?

First of all, BCAAs are recommended for people on a diet that reduces the level of adipose tissue. The supplement will then slow down or stop the process of burning muscle tissue while reducing body fat. Active people who are not on such a diet can also reach for BCAA. Branched chain amino acids will help them regenerate and maintain muscle mass.

How to use BCAA?

It is generally accepted that BCAA dosing is dependent on body weight. Most of the most reliable studies on this subject say a maximum dose of about 1 g for every 10 kg. The method of taking suggested by most trainers is 10 g per day - 5 g before training and 5 g after training. The most important thing is to make sure that the supplement you choose has 100% of the amino acids listed previously. It is always good to remember that BCAA dosage is primarily a highly individual matter. As with any other dietary supplement, also this time you have to be cautious. It is best to consult it not only with a personal trainer, but above all with a dietitian who arranges diets for athletes on a daily basis. Based on the interview, diet and your training plan, he will write you the correct dosage of BCAA, thanks to which you will improve your results.

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