100% Casein Protein Applied Nutrition - 900g
Applied Nutrition Casein Protein Applied Nutrition's Casein Night Time Protein Powder. Casein is known to be the slowest digesting protein powder so it's ideal for a pre-bed shake to stave off catabolism all night long, we don't want that earned...
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Casein Slow Release Protein Applied Nutrition - 1.8 kg
Applied Nutrition Casein Protein Applied Nutrition’s Casein Protein is vital to anybody wanting to refuel their muscles during sleep when it is impractical to consume food or drink. During this period your body can enter into starvation mode and may...
€52.99 €46.99
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VelosiWhey Strom Sports Nutrition - 1.2kg
VelosiWhey - with Velositol Strom Sports bring you their unique whey protein! The blend is comprised of 80% high quality WPC and 20% casein. As a result it delivers an exceptionally smooth and creamy texture even when mixed with water....
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Gold Standard 100% Casein - 1.8 kg Optimum Nutrition
Gold Standard 100% Casein Optimum Nutrition GOLD STANDARD 100% CASEIN is a slow digesting protein that supports muscle growth and repair while you sleep. Each serving is packed with 24 g of protein which provides a prolonged supply of amino acids overnight. Gold...
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Fusion Pro Dedicated - 1.8kg
Dedicated Fusion Pro Dedicated Fusion Pro is the ideal protein blend to take day and night. Fast absorbing Whey Protein and slow absorbing Casein in an even 50/50 ratio to support muscle building and recovery. Whey Protein Concentrate - Generally accepted...
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Micellar Casein BiotechUSA - 908g
Micellar Casein BiotechUSA High protein content: 73% Contains Micellar Casein Added L-glutamine Slow absorption time Low sugar content Gluten-free Palm oil-free Fat-free No preservatives Micellar Casein BiotechUSA benefits: Micellar Casein is a colloidal giant molecule and due to its special...
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Gold Standard 100% Casein Optimum Nutrition 2lb
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Gold Standard 100% Casein is a slow digesting protein that supports muscle growth and repair while you sleep. Each serving is packed with 24g of protein which provides a prolonged supply of amino acids...
€49.99 €39.99
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MyoFusion Advanced Protein Gaspari
Gaspari MyoFusion Advanced Protein MyoFusion Advanced Protein formula is the ultimate time-released protein blend featuring fast acting whey hydrolysate, ultra pure whey isolate, high-grade whey concentrate, slow digesting micellar casein and complete milk protein. Advanced MyoFusion is a Gluten-free supplement...
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Micellar Casein OstroVit - 700g
OstroVit Micellar Casein Micellar Casein is a premium quality, slow release protein derived from milk. Using a low temperature ultra filtration process allows the finished ingredient to retain its nutritional quality and functionality, when compared to acid casein or caseinates. Micellar...
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Casein Protein

Casein is one of the basic components of milk. It can be up to 80 percent. milk protein values. That is why it is one of the most popular types of protein supplements. What distinguishes casein from whey protein is that it does not dissolve in the acidic environment that characterizes the stomach. For this reason, it creates a specific form that can be slowly broken down for a long time, and the protein obtained in this way can be absorbed by the muscles.

Types of Casein Protein

Micellar casein - the most valuable, unprocessed, complete protein. Casein micelles transport insoluble calcium phosphate compounds in liquid form to the stomach where they are digested. Importantly, more than 90% of the calcium contained in milk is combined with casein micelles. So the conclusion is that micellar casein is also a valuable source of calcium.

Casein hydrolyzate - the hydrolysis process changes the protein structure from long-chain to shorter. This is to increase absorption as well as faster and easier digestion. Casein hydrolyzate is nothing else than casein subjected to the hydrolysis process.

Calcium caseinate - is a protein characterized by slow absorption. Rather, calcium caseinate itself is only found in matrices and is a blend of casein with other protein sources.

Different between Casein and Whey Protein

Casein and whey are two types of protein found in cow's milk, accounting for 80% and 20% of milk protein respectively. They are high-quality proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids that you need to get from your food because your body cannot make them. In addition, they are easily digested and absorbed.

Both proteins are high in amino acids, whey is considered the more anabolic (muscle-building) milk protein due to its ability to rapidly increase the level of amino acids in the blood, which are essential for boosting muscle protein. Casein, on the other hand, is often considered an anti-catabolic or muscle sparing protein as it provides a steady stream of amino acids over time which stops muscle tissue breakdown. For muscle growth to occur, protein synthesis must be greater than protein breakdown. Since whey increases protein synthesis and casein prevents muscle breakdown, both proteins, when taken strategically, can help build muscle.

Recommended use of Casein

A suitable daily dose of casein is between 0.8 and 2.2 g per kilogram of body weight. These ranges are quite large - to determine which dose is most appropriate, you should consider, among other things, the intensity and number of daily workouts, as well as the overall condition of the body.

Casein should be used at night - Experts recommend taking casein as the last meal before going to bed or adding it to dinner - then it will inhibit the feeling of hunger while protecting muscle tissue from harmful breakdown.

The supplement can be used in breaks between meals or as a meal on its own - If you know you are going to have long periods without food (e.g. a non-snack journey), then it is a very good idea to consume casein. The supplement will allow you to function without the annoying feeling of hunger. 

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