Creatine ALKALINE 1500 MEGABOL (120 caps)
MEGABOL CREATINE ALKALINE 1500 (120 capsules)   10 Times The Strength Of Regular Creatine With Better Absorption! Kre-Alkaline is "buffered creatine" that does not convert into creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue. Kre-Alkaline is a nutritional supplement that comes...
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Inh-AR aromatase inhibitor MEGABOL (60 caps)
MEGABOL Inh-AR aromatase inhibitor BUTEIN AROMATASE INHIBITOR, PCT (post cycle therapy) = BLOCKS ESTROGEN! Butein (tetrahydroxychalcone), buteine ​​glycosides lower blood pressure and are a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. They reduce the effect of angiotensin. They inhibit fibrosis (anti-fibrogenic effect) and have anti-inflammatory...
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FLEXIT DRINK Joints MEGABOL supplements (400g)
Reinforcing Joint Tissues MEGABOL FLEXIT DRINK (400g) Flexit Megabol is the best preparation reinforcing joint tissues supplement imaginable. If you train hard your joints are exposed to extremely high overload. Torque is the product of the load and the length...
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Creatine Monohydrate Megabol + Free Dextrose (330mg / 300g)
Creatine is one of the most popular and effective dietary supplements used by athletes of all disciplines. Thanks to creatine, a muscle cell gets energy to work from breaking down ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules into ADP. ATP molecules are reproduced to...
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Dibencozide Magnum MEGABOL (100 capsules)
INCREASES APPETITE!! Dibencozide Magnum is an extremely potent muscle-building booster effective in building muscle mass, volume and strength. The non-steroidal metabolic factor acts as a bio-stimulator in the protein synthesis process. Its effects become apparent most often after a few days...
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Weight Gainer 737 Muscle Mass MEGABOL (powder 3000g)
The Gainer 737 is an excellent product for beginners who have trouble gaining weight at a low and affordable price and strength athletes in volume training. Its taste is very pronounced and has several interesting flavours, from which you will...
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