PHD SMART BAR High Protein Low Sugar Bar 64g
PHD SMART PROTEIN BAR  Smart bar delivers 20 g of quality protein and less than 2.1 g sugar (depending on flavour). In addition to this, smart bar is palm oil free.With the smart bar being a grab and go snack,...
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VMX-2 Preworkout Shot 60ml PHD Nutrition
Preworkout Shot VMX 2 PHD Nutrition expiry 30/03/2021 WHY CHOOSE VMX-2 SHOTS? 3,000mg beta alanine / 500mg arginine / 200mg caffeine / 300mg SustamineOne shot contains only 19 caloriesSugar free pre workout shot to provide instant energy WHAT IS VMX2...
€2.49 €1.00
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High Protein Low Sugar PHD SMART BAR BOX 12 x 64g
SMART PROTEIN BAR PHD NUTRITION - BOX of 12x64g High Protein Low Sugar Bars Smart bar delivers 20 g of quality protein and less than 2.1 g sugar (depending on flavour). In addition to this, smart bar is palm oil...
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Protein Smart Nut Butter Spread 250g PHD Nutrition
Protein Nut Butter Spread from Phd Nutrition 10g protein / 3.9g sugar / 179 caloriesNaturally high in good fats (13g per serving)Perfect topping or add-on for recipes & shakesVegetarianHalal & GMO Free expiry 08/2021 WHAT IS PHD SMART NUT BUTTER?...
€5.99 €3.69
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L-Glutamine 550g PHD NUTRITION
100% Pure Micronised quality L-Glutamine is a huge favourite within the world of athletics, body building, strength training and any high-intensity activity. Body builders have traditionally used L-Glutamine when preparing for a competition and embarking on a restricted-calorie diet in...
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High calorie mass gainer50g protein per servingUp to 193g of carbohydrates per servingZinc, magnesium, MCT oil and creatineCarbs from oats, waxy maize and maltodextrinLess than 6g sugar per 300g serving What is PhD Advanced Mass? PhD Advanced Mass is our...
€49.99 €39.99
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VMX2 Preworkout PHD NUTRITION (200g)
PhD Nutrition VMX2 (20 servings) Preworkout   expiry 31/07/2021 PhD Nutrition VMX2 is an effective pre-workout perfect for athletes looking to have increase energy, increased focus and increase alertness. High Caffeine Increase Energy Added Creapure Added Beta Alanine Great Tasting This...
€26.99 €19.66
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Pre Wkt Pump is one of our 3 pre-workouts that have been tailor made for specific performance goals. Pre Wkt Pump is specifically designed to deliver awesome pumps during your workout to enhance blood flow and circulation to the targeted...
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Diet Whey Protein 500g PHD NUTRITION
Diet Whey Protein Blend (500g) Phd Nutrition This is the product for those seeking lean muscle and great fat-free condition. Diet Whey contains a precision, slow-release protein blend to maximise satiety and ensure no hunger pangs or energy crashes during...
€19.99 €15.95
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PhD Advanced Mass is our most extreme mass gainer supplement. ✓ High calorie mass gainer ✓ 50g protein per serving ✓ Up to 193g of carbohydrates per serving ✓ Zinc, magnesium, MCT oil and creatine ✓ Carbs from oats, waxy...
€34.99 €29.50
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  PHD NUTRITION SYNERGY ISO-7 - 2000g PROTEIN BLEND expiry 30/03/2021 SUPPLEMENT INFO: Synergy Iso-7, How often does choosing the correct supplements leave you utterly confused, frustrated and with empty pockets? We’ve all made incorrect supplement choices, selecting products that...
€34.95 €29.99
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