Diet Whey PHD Nutrition 2kg

PHD Nutrition
€59.99 €45.99
  • 17g protein / 1.3g sugar / <3g carbs
  • Low calorie high protein blend
  • 2 kg
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PHD Diet Whey Protein

PhD Diet Whey is the original and best diet protein on the market. Diet Whey combines protein, which is ideal for building and maintaining lean muscle whilst keeping you satiated for longer, with fat burning ingredients.

The Benefits Of Diet Whey protein PHD:

Diet Whey delivers a multitude of benefits. Not only does Diet Whey deliver 17g of quality protein per serving, but the protein derives from multiple sources, giving you a variety of proteins that release into the bloodstream at different stages to offer that drip feed effect of amino acids. With less than 3g carbs per super serving and less than 100 calories, it is macro-friendly & can fit into any nutrition plan. Diet Whey also contains flaxseeds, CLA, L-carnitine and green tea extract, which all support fat loss.

  • 17g protein / 1.3g sugar / <3g carbs
  • Low calorie high protein blend
  • CLA, L-Carnitine & Green-Tea
  • Unsurpassable taste and texture
  • Available in delicious flavours
  • 100 Percent recyclable packaging

Who is Diet Whey Protein for?

Diet Whey is most suitable for those aiming to maintain or build lean muscle mass with greater emphasis on keeping body fat low.

Burn fat and build lean muscle with PhD Diet Whey. Now available in our new 100% recyclable packs.

PHD Diet Whey Directions for use:

Diet Whey can be used at any time however it’s preferred usage which is evident from its large following is part of a smoothie which can be used for breakfast or in between meals throughout the course of the day.

Diet Whey helps curb hunger cravings too which is perfect for those seeking fat loss or looking to maintain a leaner physique as it offers feelings of satiety in between meals.

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