Massage Gun - 8 Heads - 30 speeds - BLACK
Massage Gun Massage Gun information: 8 REPLACEABLE MASSAGE HEADS - The massager is equipped with 8 different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax different body parts. It can activate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, greatly reduce muscle recovery...
€149.99 €79.99
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Liquid Chalk 250 ml
LIQUID CHALK (250 ml) CLIMB HIGHER, TRAIN HARDER- Improves grip strength and dramatically reduces sweating. Allowing you to maximise your output and focus on what's important. QUICK AND SIMPLE TO APPLY - Dries in seconds, lasts for hours and comes...
€14.99 €9.99
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Hardcore Training Wrist Wraps OLIMP (1 pair)
OLIMP Hardcore Training Wrist Wraps TOP QUALITY Wrist Wraps Prevent the injuries! Excellent support for your wrists! Wrist stabilizer, made from highest quality fabric, equipped with practical velcro with comfortable fastening VELCRO® system. Wraps give permanent and soft wrist aid,...
€15.99 €11.99
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Resistance Cross Loop Bands
Resistance Cross Loop Exercise Bands level 1 to level 4 Resistance bands, also known as workout bands or exercise bands, are stretchable bands used for both physical therapy and general fitness.Not matter where you are with your body and your...
€9.99 €7.99
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Chalk Block Magnesium Carbonate
Chalk Block Magnesium Carbonate Brands might differ but still Block of Chalk 50g/57g Pure grade magnesium carbonate for gymnastic weight lifting athletics, rock climbing or any sport where dry gripping is essential. 1 block of 50g (2oz) or 57g  ...
€5.99 €4.99
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Massage Gun with 4 Heads
Massage Gun with 4 Heads   HALF PRICE!!! Do not push massage Gun to hard against body - it will stop and get clogged/stuck and No refunds will be given!!! Massage Gun information: Massage Gun Muscle Massager is used to...
€100.00 €49.99
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Power System Elastic Wrist Support
Power System Elastic Wrist Support Increases wrist stabilization It protects against injuries Convenient to use One size fits all Power System Wrist Support is a universal wristband that stiffens the wrist. Increases wrist stabilization The wrist support perfectly fits the...
€12.99 €9.99
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Resistance Loop Bands (5 Pack) Training Accessories
Five Stackable Resistance Levels Options:1. Green - Extra light, 2. Blue - Light, 3. Yellow - Medium, 4. Red - Heavy 5. Black - Extra heavy.--LOOP RESISTANCE BANDS - SET OF 5 A portable and lightweight solution that you can take with you, our...
€14.99 €11.99
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Workout Foam Roller X-Tone Fitness
The X-Tone Foam Roller is ideal for use before or after a fitness workout. Made with EVA foam padding; the high impact ABS tube helps to loosen stiff muscles, increase flexibility, improve posture and core stability. As the fitness foam...
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Yoga Mat X-Tone - Pink
Yoga Mat X-Tone Comfortable surface to practise floor based fitness routines Can be used on hard surfaces Anti-slip properties Store in minimal space Light weight Approx. Measurements: 173 x 61cm This yoga exercise mat is designed to provide a comfortable...
€14.99 €11.99
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Belt Austin 5 Biotech USA
BioTech USA Belt Austin 5 A durable training belt with Velcro. Protects the vertebrae and prevents injuries. Extra Wide to protect Lower back more. Available in the following sizes: Small. 80 cm Medium. 90 cm Large. 100 cm Size +/-...
€26.99 €19.99
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Resistance Loop Bands MP Sport
MP SPORT Set of 5 Loop Bands A set of 5 exercise bands with different resistance levels 5 different difficulty levels marked with five colors Made of high quality material They allow you to perform many different exercises for all...
€16.99 €11.99
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Power System Elastic Knee Support - pair
Power System Elastic Knee Support High quality & ergonomic design knee sleeve to fit your joint more comfortable. Unisex knee support for men & women. Lightweight, breathable and adjustable comfort fit with 4-way elasticated stretch that won't roll, slide or...
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Massage Ball Set Muscle Power
Massage Ball Set Muscle Power Three types of sensory balls Relaxation - reducing the tension of smooth muscles Muscle relaxation after training Balls packed in a handy bag Spine massage ball and more Backache is a problem that affects both...
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Knee Support Pro Power System
POWER SYSTEM KNEE SUPPORT PRO   Flexible comfortable strap  Professional strength  Perfect for home or gym The series of products POWER SYSTEM PRO is a wide range of high quality products manufactured from innovative materials, co-written by a team of consultants...
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Cushioned and reinforced leather palm + thumb for comfort Stretch fabric between fingers for greater flexibility Double stitched throughout stretched area Foam padding in palm Open fingers construction for secure grip Self gripping adjustable velcro fastening for comfortable fit Contoured...
€10,558.00 €12.78
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MASSAGE GUN Relax & Recovery - Electric Massaging Gun
Electric Massaging Gun 6 Heads with LCD Display Relieves tension points and helps promote healing for a quick home recovery. Get Soothing, Healing Deep Relaxation with this professional quality Electric Massaging Gun with a full range of pulse speeds and included...
€129.99 €72.99
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Massage Gun 6 heads 20 speeds
Massage Gun with 6 Heads and Bag Massage Gun Information: 6 REPLACEABLE MASSAGE HEADS - The massager is equipped with 6 different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax different body parts. It can activate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, greatly...
€139.99 €74.99
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Magnesium Flakes for Bath BETTERYOU (250 g)
Original Body Soak BetterYou Magnesium Flakes (250g)  BetterYou Magnesium Flakes are ideal for replenishing the body with this essential mineral, promoting overall wellbeing, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles, effectively relieving tension and stiffness. Transdermal magnesium is an effective and convenient...
€7.99 €4.99
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Ankle Support (2pcs) wraps POWER SYSTEM
This lightweight elastic knit provides firm support and maintains full range of movement for stiff, weak, or sore ankles. The contour design helps to prevent bunching and slippage, to ensure a proper fit. Ideal for all sports with vigorous ankle...
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Black Leather Belt Biotech USA Austin 1
This weight lifting belt by BioTechUSA is made from Leather and is designed to support your back during exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Perfect for Powerlifters and WeightLifters--BiotechUSA Leather Belt Austin 1 This weight lifting belt by BioTechUSA is...
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OLIMP Training Hardcore Profi WEIGHT LIFTING BELT 6''
Training Hardcore Profi Lifting Belt 6 inch Professional PROFI BELT 6 training lifting belt is made from the highest quality neoprene with additional removable flap. The belt has universal ergonomic and exceptionally strong velcro fastening. An indispensable product for power sports...
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TRX Straps Set Home Workouts
Fitness exercise suspension training strap Features with high quality silicon material handle for easy and perfect grip Ideal for fast, effective total body workout Portable and easy installation Benefits people of all fitness levels Deliver a full body workout Strengthen...
€49.99 €39.99
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Power system weightlifting leather belt is a high quality brand providing innovative products designed to help athletes attain maximum performance, confidence and power during training and competition. Thin padded with foam, sponge for convenient interface between the two layers of...
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