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Cream of Rice Trained by JP Nutrition
Trained by JP Nutrition Cream of Rice 2kg TrainedbyJP Nutrition Cream of Rice is a carbohydrate supplement designed to be taken to support daily nutrition. Formulated using an instantized form of rice to yield a powder with easy mixability and...
€29.99 €21.99
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Performance Protein Trained by JP
Performance Protein Trained By JP Trained by JP Performance Protein is newest whey blend, consisting of both whey isolate and whey concentrate. As always, Trained by JP have avoided cheaper and less effective forms of protein by opting to use only...
€59.99 €51.99
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Trained By JP Vegan Protein
Trained By JP Plant Based Vegan Protein TBJP Vegan Protein is available in 3 delicious flavours: chocolate caramel nut, vanilla almond chai and banoffee sundae. Perfect for 3 scenarios, those who are Vegan, those with intolerances to lactose and those...
€39.99 €33.99
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Performance Fuel Trained by JP
Trained by JP Performance Fuel Trained by JP Nutrition Performance Fuel is a non proprietary carbohydrate based supplement designed to be taken to support your daily nutrition intake. Formulated using Cluster Dextrin trademarked Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Taurine, Citrulline Malate,...
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Sustain Trained By JP Nutrition
TBJP SUSTAIN Sustain is TBJP intra workout / intra event carbohydrate powder designed for the elite athlete. They use patented raws for their hydration aiding aminos, in the form of Kyowa Citrulline and Sustamine. For their carbohydrate source, they have utilised...
€69.99 €59.99
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Dream Sleep Trained By JP
Trained by JP Dream Sleep 120 caps Trained by JP Dream Sleep optimal sleep formula can drastically improve recovery, performance, muscle gain, and fat loss, by improving our quality and duration of sleep. We understand the benefits of optimal sleep, however,...
€54.99 €44.99
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JPre Stim 2.0 Preworkout Trained By JP
Trained By JP JPre Stim 2.0 Preworkout Trained by JP Nutrition JPre Stim 2.0 is the newly re-formulated version of JPre Stim to incorporate 2 additional trademarked ingredients for high stim based product consumers. Formulated using Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine,...
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Prepare PRO TBJP
PREPARE PRO Preworkout Trained by Jp Prepare is back and better than ever! TBJP have made a few tweaks to our preworkout PrePare. They have slightly increased the dose of caffeine and alpha GPC, and have added Rednite for outrageous...
€69.99 €59.99
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Pumpage Stim FREE Pre Workout Trained By JP Nutrition
TBJP PUMPAGE Pumpage is TBJP pre workout formula. Stim free, focused on the Pump! The goal of Pumpage is to give you flexibility in terms of using a pre workout when you need a break from stims, if you train...
€54.99 €49.99
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PrePare Trained by JP
Trained by JP PrePare Pre Workout TrainedbyJP Nutrition PREpare is a caffeine based pre-workout supplement designed to improve cell swelling through increased blood flow and hydration; and improve mental focus. With clinically dosed and patented ingredients, PREpare has been formulated...
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JP Whey ISO Pro Trained By JP Nutrition
JP WHEY ISOPRO - 2KG JP Whey ISO PRO is the highest quality whey that TBJP produce. It is designed for those that want to squeeze out every last percentage of their nutrition and supplementation approach to optimise performance. Trained...
€110.99 €89.99
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CV-Burn Trained by Nutrition JP
CV-Burn TBJP 60 servings The Ultimate Intensity Stimulator. An ideal tool to use before cardio sessions, to ensure maximum intensity and effort is sustained. During a calorie deficit, fatigue often increases, so it’s really important that intensity during cardio sessions...
€39.99 €33.99
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Cream of Rice Trained by JP Nutrition 1kg
Trained by JP Cream of Rice 1kg TBJP Cream of Rice is a carbohydrate supplement designed to be taken to support daily nutrition and calories intake. Formulated using an instantized form of rice flour to yield a powder with easy mixability,...
€19.99 €11.99
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Turkesterone TBJP
Turkesterone TBJP As you would always expect from any tbJP product, their Turkesterone is derived from the highest quality raws, therefore the quality of the product is the highest possible on the market. Each capsule contains 500 mg Turkesterone. The supplement...
€53.99 €47.99
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JPRE Stim Original TBJP
TBJP JPRE STIM Original Preworkout 30 servings Bringing back the ORIGINAL JPRE With a huge 30 serving tub! TBJP best ever pre-workout , JPre Stim! The perfect combination of stimulants combined still with some pump agents to bring about insane workouts!...
€45.99 €35.99
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MPS MAX Trained by JP Nutrition
Trained By JP MPS Max TBJP MPS MAX intra/peri workout amino acid formula is back with new and improved formula! This time TBJP have combined PeptoPro and Hydrolysed Whey to provide whole proteins. This is essential for optimising MPS (muscle...
€55.99 €49.99
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Whey Isolate Trained by JP Nutrition
Trained by JP Nutrition Whey Isolate JP Whey Isolate highest quality whey isolate, designed for superior digestion. For those who struggle to use standard whey, JP whey ISO has been patiently manufactured, to ensure incredible results among all users. It’s...
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TrainedbyJP Nutrition is a UK based supplement company offering an extensive range of products to help reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

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