Zero Calories Syrups Skinny Food - 425ml
The Skinny Food Co Skinny Syrup The Skinny Food Co has taken things a step further with their Skinny Zero Calorie Syrup range... zero calories, zero sugar, zero dairy, zero gluten... you get the gist, it's free from pretty much everything (bad),...
€5.99 from €2.99
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Skinny Sauces The Skinny Food Co. - 425ml
The Skinny Food Skinny Sauces The Skinny Food Co. zero calorie sugar free sauces. You heard it right there are ZERO calories inside (per serving). Enjoy these completely #NotGuilty sauces on your favourite meals, whether it’s dunking things into or...
€5.99 from €2.49
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Chocaholic Spread 350 g The Skinny Food Co.
The Skinny Food Co. Chocaholic Spreads 350g Taste like a light version of some of the market leading brands you may be used to. But it’s still got loads of flavour to treat your taste buds. It’s sweet, silky smooth...
€6.99 from €3.99
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Low Sugar Skinny Jam The Skinny Food Co.
The Skinny Food Co Not Guilty Low Sugar Jam Tasty Low-calorie jams. Putting Jams firmly back on the menu for those who love it but avoid it due to high calories/sugar. These Jams contain 85% fewer calories and no added...
€5.99 €4.99
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Fake Away Sauce The Skinny Co. 452ml
Fake Away Sauce You will now love this amazingly flavoured Fake-Away sauces as it's guilt-free, gluten free, free from dairy, vegan friendly, and can be enjoyed every day. Not Guilty! In typical Skinny Food Co fashion, all of our guilt...
€6.99 €3.99
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Barista Creamer 425ml The Skinny Food Co
Barista Creamer 425ml The Skinny Food Co Non-dairy creamer which can be enjoyed in coffee, tea, smoothies, porridge, desserts and other drinks. It's a great way to add a milk alternative which also includes flavourings and is sweetened so there's...
€6.99 €4.99
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Snack Pot Skinny Foods - 22g
Chocaholic Snack Pot Skinny Food Co Chocolate lovers listen up, now you can get your hands on chocolate and a nutty flavour that makes the perfect spread for snacking for just 102 calories per snack pot. A perfect on-the-go snack,...
€0.99 €0.59
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