Best Protein Supplements for Weight Gain

Want to build muscle and gain weight?

Look your best and feel your best by adding a protein supplement into your diet to enhance the effects of your workout and diet. In today’s market, there are many different kinds of mass gainer and weight gainer supplements, and it is sometimes hard to know which ones are the best kinds for your body and your goals.

Here at we offer you an ultra-wide variety of different kinds of protein supplements and would like to help in with this blog to know more about our products and each kind of protein so that you can get the results you are after, and start building up right away!

What protein powder helps build muscle?

As you know, there are various sources from which you can get protein. Some of these include Casein, Beef, Isolate, and Whey proteins. These are the top three most effective and thus, most popular protein powders on the market for muscle gain and weight gain. Below you can learn a bit about each protein powder, and read about the top 2 products on the market containing those proteins.

Casein: This is a protein that is derived from milk and is usually found in cheese. It is definitely one of the most effective and beneficial forms of protein on the market today, and has the benefit of working while you sleep, since it is easily metabolized, carries all 21 amino acids, and repairs damages that were made during your workout.
Whey: This kind of protein powder is found in milk, like casein, but is usually found as a bi-product of cheese. It is easily absorbed by the body and is more effective when you are trying to gain weight and put on more muscle fat, as it is naturally richer in fats than casein protein. It is mostly taken as a daily nutritional supplement and can be taken up to 3 times a day if your training expert or licensed physician suggests it.

Beef: As its name suggests, beef protein powder is derived from the high protein levels found in beef. This form of protein is a super great way to support your work out and is the best option for building lean muscle and staying toned. Since it is a protein that is low in fat, as opposed to whey protein, it will help your body stay fit, and slowly build up to a larger size depending on your workout. You can take it 3 times a day in smaller servings and complete your daily protein intake every day.

Best Protein Powder For Building Muscle


#1 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein. This product is considered the best casein derived protein powder since it is the ultimate in nutrition and delivers serious lean muscle mass. Many studies have found that it also repairs damages done to your muscles during workouts and actually increases your body’s nitrogen balance as quickly as 7 hours after you drink it. This helps your overall muscle health while also making them more responsive to mass building workouts, and additionally provides you with some essential nutrients.

#2 Fitness Authority Platinum Micellar Casein. Ranking in as our client’s second favorite protein powder supplement, the Platinum Micellar Casein is an ultra-beneficial casein powder that gives you great results when you are trying to build up your lean muscle mass and gain more weight. Due to its innovative ultra-filtration process, Fitness Authority’s casein protein powder has no excess fat or lactose. It is the best protein supplement to take before going to bed in the place of a small meal since it has an innovative slow-release process, thus allowing your body to absorb and process all the most essential amino acids while you sleep.



#1 Optimum Nutrition Pro Oats Breakfast Nutrition. Ranking in as our best-selling whey protein powder, Pro Oats Breakfast Nutrition is known to work wonders when you are trying to gain weight, as it can be taken before or after your workout. It can provide you with a super high protein boost, and keep your energy levels up and craving levels down. Whilst this great protein powder is the #1 choice in Ireland, it is also very popular worldwide due to its high nutritional values. Try it as a pre/post workout boost or as a snack; you’ll notice its potency and results quickly!

#2 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein. Are you looking for a protein that helps you build some serious muscle mass? O.N.’s Whey Protein is the way to go. Since this product not only contains high levels of whey protein, it is also complete with specific digestive enzymes that allow quick absorption into your body, making it a perfect supplement for a pre-workout boost. The quick levels of absorption will boost your metabolism and create quicker, better results. Complete with vitamins and minerals and a great portion of protein, this whey protein is great to take before your work out and will give your muscles all they need to grow.

Byu whey protein



#1 BioTech USA Beef Protein. High in beef protein and amino acids, this is a great way to start and end your day. This product is popular amongst our clients not only for it’s amazing results but also because it is dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. Also proven to help your bone strength and health, this beef protein is great for your muscle health as well. You’ll notice more energy, more resistance, and awesome lean muscle gain.

#2 OLIMP Gold Beef Protein. As one of Ireland’s most popular beef protein powders, this supplement has proven to give you great results when you are trying to stay lean, but still build serious lean muscle. OLIMP’s beef protein also focuses on getting its users other highly important nutrients like glycine, alanine, and a low value of carbohydrates.


There is a range of vegan-friendly protein supplements to choose from too.

How to Use Protein Powder to Gain Muscle

We all know that diet, hard work, proper work out, and proper nutrition all have a huge impact on your muscle gain and overall physique. But if you are thinking of taking protein powder as a supplement in order to give you an extra boost, it is most important that you know exactly when and how to take protein powder. If taken incorrectly or in inadequate times/doses, you will, unfortunately, see that the results you were expecting simply don’t appear. Now, don’t get discouraged! It is very simple to get on-track and begin your journey towards the body you want using protein powder. We of course, always recommend that you speak with a professional trainer and/or licensed physician, but we can give you some basic advice and pointers.

To start off, you always want to be well aware of the ingredients that make up the supplement you will be consuming, that way you know exactly what you are taking, and exactly what results to expect from your supplement. To build muscle it is most important to consume a supplement that is a super high protein, that way your body has all it needs to build up mass and weight. Many products today also contain digestive enzymes for better absorption rates, and important amino acids to give your muscles the proper care they need before and after a workout.

Next, we suggest that you always follow along with your product’s daily dosage, since if you misuse the product, you may end up putting on unwanted weight or even damaging your body. We all know that following the product’s daily instructions is always the best way to go because the manufacturers have experts that know exactly how it will affect your body. And truthfully speaking, the supplement’s recommended daily dose(s) of protein will be more than enough to give your body that extra push you are seeking.

The way people actually prepare the drink can vary, depending on the product’s suggestions and personal tastes. Some protein powders recommend mixing it with water or milk. Other products suggest making a shake out of it with milk and fruit for an extra vitamin C boost. Also, the timing of when you drink the protein powder depends on what kind it is. For example, beef protein supplements suggest you take one drink pre-workout and another between meals. Casein supplements usually suggest taking it before you sleep instead of a small meal or snack (due to its benefits of repair during sleep cycles). Whey protein powder can be taken at different times depending on the product’s suggestions, but some of the supplements work best in the morning as a breakfast shake, etc. As you can see, it mostly depends on what the supplement itself suggests, but it also depends on what kind of supplement it is.

We always want you to have a plethora of options when it comes to what products suit your needs, so we hope that you can find all that you need on our supplements online store MegaPump. Please contact us for any additional information about our products, we’ll be more than happy to clarify any doubts you may have. Also, stay tuned to see what new products we offer, and let us know if you have any suggestions.

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