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ASC Supplements
€49.99 €45.99
  • Skin-Ripping Pumps
  • Maximal Strength & Endurance
  • Insane Mind-Muscle Connection
  • Hyper Focus
  • 100% STIM FREE.
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Sicario STIM FREE Pre Workout

SICARIO “HITTER” PUMP PRE-WORKOUT will provide you an insane mind-muscle connection, focus, enhance performance and an insane skin-tearing pump. This is a strong pump and nootropic pre-workout that will provide you with a workout powdered by laser focus and intense blood flow.

Sicario utilizes 12 ingredients to enhance your pumps, overall mood and provide laser focus.

Sicario Pumps and Performance Matrix

The combination of ingredients in the Performance and Pumps Matrix will provide you with some of the best pumps you have felt in the gym. Citrulline, Pomegranate Extract, Vaso6 & Pine Bark Extract provide a synergistic approach to N.O. production and ultimately bigger pumps. Agmatine Sulfate ultimately aims to prevent the breakdown of nitric oxide production. GlycerPump and Betaine Anhydrous hyper hydrate your cells for performance and that "fullness" feeling. Your muscles will have that blood flow necessary to facilitate your next-level performance.

Sicario Hitman Focus Matrix

This is where the focus comes in. ASC Supplements included Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Lions Mane and Huperzine A extract. This matrix provides you that focus, confidence, and boost in mood you need to crush the workout game.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high amounts of Glycerol in this product it may appear clumpy but this is to be expected, mix with water, shake and they will disappear. If it is slightly harder clumps use a very dry blender please do not purchase this product if this is not acceptable to you, we will not refund for this reason as this is how the product is expected to be.

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