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Scitec Nutrition Brand Review

Scitec Nutrition is a recognized name among the supplement users around the world. The brand is a leading company in providing various sports supplements and protein powders globally.

The brand Scitec Nutrition has been delivering its products for over two decades now and has been in front primarily for its bodybuilding supplements and supporting the bodybuilding shows.

However, from the last 20 years, the brand has expanded its product range vastly and has incorporated products for muscle growth, weight control and general health along with sports nutrition.

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in taking supplements from this brand so we have done a review around the Scitec Nutrition for the overall quality of the products offered by the brand, their label accuracy and the range of products available. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

The article is going to present insights into the following for Scitec Nutrition brand

  • Overview of the brand Scitec Nutrition
  • The product range offered by Scitec Nutrition
  • In-depth review of 100% Whey Protein Professional
  • Final Verdict

Overview of the brand Scitec Nutrition

The brand is in the markets since 1996 and is the major producer of whey protein supplements catering to the fitness seekers of the world. The brand Scitec nutrition sells more than 120 million servings of whey protein around the 90 countries of the world for almost two decades now.

As a reviewer, we are interested in the overall quality and the efficacy of the products offered by the brand. Therefore on the comparison, we found out that the brand stands out from its alternatives in the market in terms of accurate information on the label, usage of fine quality raw materials in the product and compliance with the international safety standards.

Scitec Nutrition prepares its products in its own facilities approved by FDA undertaking quality checks and compliance with safety standards. Another special feature of the brand for quality assurance and transparency is the UPTC (a special product code) for tracking the product which is not offered by any other brand.
So overall quality box, check!

Product Range Offered by Scitec Nutrition

The brand is liked by the consumers if it gives them multiple options to choose from. Scitec Nutrition, primarily known for its bodybuilding products, has widened their variety to include various pre, post and inter workout products, protein powders, protein shakes, vitamin supplements, weight shedding, and overall health products.

Some top products of the brand liked by consumers are:

  • 100% Whey Protein Professional
  • 100% Plant Protein
  • Ami-NO Xpress
  • 100% Whey Protein
  • BCAA+ Glutamine Xpress

Whey protein by Scitec Nutrition is produced in more than 50 flavours, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Wide product range and flavours, check!

In-Depth Review of 100% Whey Protein Professional

The best part about 100% Whey Protein Professional is its composition. It provides the perfect blend of proteins with whey isolate and whey concentrate along with added amino acids. The balanced composition including the mixture of L-Leucine, L-Glutamine, and Taurine is specifically designed for the uptake of proteins in the body, increase in muscle recovery and elevating positive nitrogen amounts.

The product is perfect for the well-rounded needs of the body whether you are bulking or dieting which is an attractive feature in any supplement.

Each 30g of the product would provide 112kcal of energy with 22g protein, 1.4g carbohydrate and 2.0g fat with added digestive enzymes and amino acids.

Final Verdict

We reviewed the brand Scitec Nutrition in terms of its overall quality and efficacy of products, the product range offered by the brand and in-depth review of their top whey protein and it is quite evident that the brand is definitely a high scorer in all domains.

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