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BioTech USA Brand Review

BioTech USA is in the major leagues of the sports supplements market. With the motto of “greatest wealth is health”, BioTech USA offers a range of products for overall health maintenance, fitness, shedding or gaining weight and elevating performance and stamina.

The brand is in the market since 1999 and makes a claim of coming up with effective products every passing year for the health and fitness seekers throughout the world including work-out formulas, dietary products, and also a range of vitamins for a healthy body.

As the brand enjoys quite a recognition now, it is important to know if BioTech USA comes up to the consumers expectations associated with the brand. Let us dig it out in the brand review of BioTech USA with emphasis on the overall quality and efficacy of products offered by the brand.

The article will cover the following domains about the brand
  1. Overview of the brand BioTech USA
  2. The product range offered by BioTech USA
  3. In-depth review of 100% Pure Whey
  4. Final Verdict

Overview of BioTech USA

BioTech USA has a global presence in nearly 70 countries with 130 stores all over the world. The brand has grown dynamically in sports supplements and is also providing consultation for the clients, representing some of the famous sports celebrities.

But the most considerable thing for any supplement brand is the quality of its ingredients. BioTech USA, when compared with other alternative brands, proved out to be far better in quality with their fine selection of raw materials and preparation in their own site of production in a controlled environment.

The brand does not support any banned products in its supplements and comply with the international safety standards of the European Food Safety Authority.

In short, the brand is a high scorer in overall quality of the products offered.

Product Range offered by BioTech USA

We know as a customer, you always seek options in any brand and desire a product suiting to individual needs. Therefore, we will review the range of products offered by the brand for you.

BioTech USA offers products ranging from protein shakes to vitamins for nutritional content. Currently, the brand have a huge collection of more than 600 products which includes something for everyone.

The brand is providing formulas for pre-workout, protein powders, stamina building products, dietary supplements and vitamins containing active ingredients, all of which are continuously improved by the brand with the help of feedback from customers.

BioTech USA have a range of supplements under categories such as Elite, Premium Proteins, Gainers and Carbs, etc. Further, the brand provides its customers with gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan alternative products along with special accessories and consultation through trained members for the individual needs of customers.

Resultantly, you have a whole lot of options to choose from according to your needs and suitability.

In-Depth Review of 100% Pure whey

100% Pure Whey by BioTech USA is the high-quality protein shake which is now a recognized name for fitness enthusiasts so you are probably looking for an in-depth review for this one.

Let us start by saying that the product achieves the maximum score for its fine-quality raw materials, accurate label information, and high biological value. The product is available in both flavoured and unflavoured forms which is also a tick for most people.

The product delivers high protein content i.e. 78%, made from 100% pure whey and has no preservatives which make it an extremely good source of protein for the muscles.

Each serving of the product (28g) contains 22g protein and 4.6g BCAA. Overall, the product can serve as a highly beneficial protein source with no extra additives.

Final Verdict

Based on the overall quality, nature of the products and critical analysis of its top product, BioTech USA definitely stands out from its competitors in the market.

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