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Caretaker® aka Guardian from Zoomad Labs® is a formula designed to regenerate, build and care for your muscle mass. Offers over 6g of instant BCCA in a 10:1:1 ratio per serving!
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Caretaker Zoomad Lab

Caretaker® by Zoomad Labs® is a formula designed to repair, build and nourish your muscle mass... over 6g of instant BCCAs at a ratio of 10:1:1 per dose!

Zoomad Labs using formulas with the highest quality ingredients in truly effective quantities, the reason for this high ratio of 10:1:1 is due to the importance of leucine in the maintenance and control of our lean mass, it is the main responsible for activating the MTOR pathway which is fundamental for the creation of new muscles.

Caretaker® has great anti-catabolic power as almost 5% of the leucine is converted into HMB, but it also adds 3.5 grams of Glutamine Kyowa Quality® per dose to enhance the anti-catabolic effect we already have.

During a good workout in insane mode we oxidise protein structures to obtain energy by lowering the concentration of leucine in plasma. Therefore, it is vital to stimulate recovery and muscle building during and after exercise with good quality BCAAs and with added leucine, 1g of Citrulline per dose to improve absorption and enhance the activity of the rest of the amino acids in the formula thanks to their conversion into L-Arginine in the blood.

Caretaker® aka Guardian will watch over our most experienced athletes, leucine levels change as we age and that explains the progressive loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). The Guardian is here to ensure that we can continue to train for years with the maximum performance possible.

14 grams of amino acids per dose, 6.6 grams of 10:1:1 instant BCAAs, 3.3 grams of Glutamine, 3.3 grams of mixture of L-Lysine, L-Alanine, Taurine, L-Glycine, 1 gram of Citrulline and a mix of electrolytes for better hydration during and after exercise makes Caretaker® the Guardian we all need to keep eating the irons like real "animals"... Welcome to our Zoo!

Mix a 16g dose (1 level measuring spoon) with 200ml of cold water. Take before or during training.

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Care Taker AKA " Guardian" Amino Acids Zoomad Labs
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