Taurine Real Pharm - 300g unflavoured

Real Pharm
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  • High quality taurine powder
  • Each serving contains as much as 3960 mg of taurine
  • Also contains vitamin C
  • Sufficient packaging, you get 75 servings from one jar

Taurine Real Pharm 

Taurine is formed in the human body, but in small amounts. Places of its production are liver, brain, intestines and skeletal muscles. Increased physical effort, especially systematic strength training requires taurine supplementation.

The main biochemical function of this amino acid is the so-called coupling of bile acids before excretion from the liver, which increases their solubility and increases the ability to dissolve fats. This improves the functioning of the digestive tract. For athletes, however, the most important task of taurine is to support the transport of creatine to the muscles, which significantly increases its efficiency and bioavailability. In addition, it accelerates muscle regeneration, eliminating fatigue, and here the most important role is played by supplementation, because with increased effort, the human body cannot keep up with sufficient taurine production.

Taurine is a natural anabolic with an additional detoxifying effect and improves heart performance.

In addition, taurine is thought to act as a neurotransmitter, increasing brain function and enhancing cognitive function, i.e. learning ability. It also improves memory and concentration.

300 grams of the product is sufficient for 75 doses (1 serving = 4 grams) and contains:

  • Taurine– 3960 mg
  • Vitamin C – 40 mg.

Dissolve one scoop in 150-300 ml of water or juice.

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Taurine Real Pharm - 300g unflavoured
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