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Pure Caffeine Powder Herkules 200g

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  • Natural stimulation that gives a kick to activity
  • Improving performance in endurance and strength sports
  • Optimization of metabolic processes
  • Improving concentration
  • Brain support during intense mental work
  • No fillers - 100% anhydrous caffeine

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Pure Caffeine Powder Herkules

Pure Caffeine Powder from Herkules - pure caffeine that guarantees the effect of stimulation and concentration! HERKULES Pure Caffeine Powder is caffeine designed for everyone who needs an additional increase of energy. Pure anhydrous caffeine without fillers stimulates the nervous system even after few minutes we can quickly feel the surge of new strength.

Pure Caffeine Powder means better training quality! - Caffeine effectively delays the onset of fatigue and weariness during exercise. Moreover, this substance is one of the best options to stimulate physical activity. Effect? More intense training sessions to help you fight for your dream figure or sports goal.

Pure Caffeine Powder is the perfect support for mental work - Caffeine is a great supplement for people who need a support during mental work. The effect of this substance on the brain has been studied many times and the conclusions are very simple. Caffeine allows you to increase concentration when performing tasks that require mental strain, and also increases alertness, which is extremely important.

Pure Caffeine Powder suppresses the appetite - Caffeine can effectively inhibit the feeling of hunger for some time after taking it, which makes it a great preparation helpful in reducing body fat. As we know, the process of losing unnecessary kilograms consists in consuming fewer calories than our body needs. It can be difficult at times, so it's worth making friends with caffeine to curb your appetite to some extent.

 Pure Caffeine Powder Herkules Nutritional Facts:

Package size: 200g
Serving size: 200mg
Number of portions in the package: 1000

  • 100% anhydrous caffeine

How to use Pure Caffeine Powder:

Dissolve 1 serving (1 scoop - 200mg) in 100 - 200ml of water or your preferred drink. Consume 15-20 minutes before training or when you need additional energy. To establish your tolerance to caffeine, start with ½ servings.

CAUTION!!! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose (1 scoop - 200 mg) for consumption. Do not use in the case of diseases / disorders of the cardiovascular system. The product cannot be used by people who are allergic to any of its ingredients. Keep out of the reach of small children. Store in a dry place at room temperature in tightly closed containers.

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Pure Caffeine Powder Herkules 200g
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