Naughty Boy Whey Protein - 2 kg

€59.99 €46.99
  • This whey is so delicious!
  • Quality, whey protein concentrate and isolate
  • No less than 21-23 g of protein per shake and only 115 kcal
  • Proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass and recovery
  • Available in unique flavor combinations
  • With 67 shakes per jar, perfect for daily use

Naughty Boy Whey PROTEIN

The hype is real! Naughty Boy Advanced Whey is a game changer when it comes to Whey Protein. Naughty Boy Whey Protein delivers 22g of protein per serving to support muscle growth. Naughty Boy Whey provides a killer combination of flavour and texture that will simply leave you wanting more. NaughtyBoy Whey Protein contains low levels of fat and sugar with each serving containing less than 115 calories.

NaughtyBoy Whey Protein is instantized for easy mixing, versatile and can be easily added to your Oats, Cream of rice, Smoothies and baked goods to increase protein content. 

That's a nice way to build muscle mass!

Naughty Boy's Advanced Whey protein shake offers a great combination of taste and texture that will make you want to drink more shakes. Instantly addictive, so delicious. And that is good for your muscle mass! Proteins stimulate muscle growth and recovery

How do you use Naughty boy Whey?

This protein shake dissolves easily and can be used in many different ways. Add 1 scoop (30 g) to 200-250 ml of cold water and shake or mix until the powder is completely dissolved. Drink 1-3 shakes per day as needed.

Don't feel like a creamy shake? Then mix it with yogurt, oatmeal or use it in your baking recipes.

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