Fiber Complex Biotech USA - 120 tablets

Biotech USA
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  • Flavoured Chewable Fiber Complex Tablet with Inulin and Chromium
  • High Fibre Complex - 2.7g Fiber daily.
  • 120 tablets
  • 20 servings

Fiber Complex Biotech USA

Fiber Complex is water-soluble chewable tablets containing food fiber - inulin and chrome. They are low calorie and can be enjoyed during the diet. Even thanks to their composition, they are great helpers in weight reduction.

The main component is inulin. It is a herbal ingredient that is not digestible with the human digestive tract and is therefore recognized as a fiber. The bulk of inulin is fructose or fructose, and so inulin reduces the glycemic index of foods. It is responsible for the proper absorption of nutrients, especially calcium, which contributes to healthy bone development and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Inulin has a beneficial effect on the entire digestive system. Works as a probiotic - preserves natural intestinal flora, helps to prevent inflammatory and cancerous diseases. Thanks to a quick feeling of saturation, it helps to prevent excessive consumption, thus aiding dietary regimen and slimming.

Another component is Chromium. This trace element is essential for human health. It is used as a body temperature regulator for weight loss, muscle mass, and body fat reduction. Chromium is also used to improve sports performance and increase energy.

Fiber complex Biotech USA Supplement Facts:

Amount Per:  Serving size 6 tablets


 -of which fibre

3,1 g

2,7 g

Chromium 19 mcg


Fiber complex Biotech USA Supplement recommended use: 

Consume 3x2 chewing tablets daily before meals. For the best results consume it with a glass of water.

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Fiber Complex Biotech USA - 120 tablets
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