Chaos Crew Brainberry Amplify Series 25 capsules

Chaos Crew
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  • Brain Energy Boost
  • Prolonged Focus
  • Stim Free
  • Improve Psychomotor Speed

Brainberry Chaos Crew Amplify 25 caps

The Amplify Series, are a series of patented single ingredient products, designed to give you an extra edge. Introducing: Brainberry®.

The chaos crew amplify series is here, bringing you the world`s best ingredients to use alongside and “amplify” your other supplements!
Missing that extra edge with your current supplements? Do you need to AMPLIFY your workouts? The Chaos Crew Amplify Series is what you need!


Brainberry® is a highly effective nootropic ingredient, extracted from Aronia Melanocarpa berries cultivated in the Baltic region of Europe. Aronia has an exceptionally high concentration of active cyanidin glycosides, making it the perfect ingredient for improving brain health.


Cyanidins are powerful antioxidants, recent studies have shown that they may help to pass the blood brain barrier that they pass the blood brain barrier and improve blood flow and neuronal synaptic efficiency. This leads to improved focus, concentration and better hand eye coordination.


The benefits of Brainberry® have been researched in collaboration with the Maastricht University Medical Centre and the School of Nutrition at Maastricht University. In a 12 week double blind placebo controlled study with a dose 65 mg of Brainberry® daily, improvement was seen in only only 6 weeks, with greater improvement after 12 weeks.

Some of the benefits of Brainberry® are improved motor speed, concentration, quicker thinking and improved mood. Brainberry® is perfect for those looking to improve their focus and is a good stim free source of energy for your workout.

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Chaos Crew Brainberry Amplify Series 25 capsules
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