Caffeine Kick 200 mg Olimp - 60 capsules

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  • The highest amount of caffeine available on the market!
  • It helps in concentration and focus
  • Extra energy
  • Support for athletes, people who do mental hard work, learners, drivers who spend many hours on the road

Olimp Caffeine Kick - high-quality caffeine in capsules!

Mental work, study, long hours of driving or prolonged training sessions require us to focus, concentrate and react at a high level. That is why it is worth having Olimp Sport Nutrition capsules with anhydrous caffeine at hand ! Here is the Caffeine Kick dietary supplement , which was created for people who exercise recreationally and professional sports players, drivers, people learning and doing hard mental work.

These are 60 capsules that allow you to easily enrich your daily diet with a portion of high-quality anhydrous caffeine. The product was prepared in the modern Research and Development Center of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, which is a guarantee of the declared content of the active ingredient and compliance with the necessary strict standards and production conditions. Olimp Caffeine Kick is world-class quality at a reasonable price! Find out about it!

Benefits of Olimp Caffeine Kick!

The composition of the Olimp Caffeine Kick supplement has been selected in such a way as to limit the additives and allow the brand to use a high content of anhydrous caffeine. The raw material used to create the preparation was subjected to the necessary microbiological analysis to confirm its appropriate degree of purity. Therefore, by choosing caffeine in capsules from Olimp Sport Nutrition , you can be sure that you are getting a proven, safe and real product. This is guaranteed by the pharmaceutical standards of Olimp Laboratories , one of the world's leading manufacturers of dietary supplements.

Caffeine is an active ingredient that is mainly obtained from coffee beans. This substance belongs to the group of components with stimulating and stimulating properties, which everyone knows well after the first sip of the "little black dress". Caffeine is often a component of pre-workout supplements, fat burners or supplements that may prove helpful in increasing additional energy and reducing the build-up of mental fatigue. By affecting the central nervous system, the caffeine in the

Olimp Caffeine Kick dietary supplement will help to take care of:

  • increase in endurance during exercise
  • additional energy, thanks to the reduction of the level of feeling of exertion (RPE) during training
  • improving the concentration of 3 and thus the speed of the reaction
  • increasing vigilance

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand supplement will work in any type of physical activity - strength exercises, aimed at slimming, while working on endurance and wherever you will need additional energy. Caffeine will allow you to stand on your feet and properly perform the assumptions of the training plan! Don't get overwhelmed by increasing fatigue and you will start pushing forward for the desired result!

Not only athletes struggle with high levels of fatigue. Olimp Caffeine Kick was also created for: students, drivers, night shift workers or large corporations, who are required to be focused, concentrated and vigilant for a long time. It is also an ideal solution for people avoiding the specific taste of coffee, who are looking for a simple way to stimulate the body and additional energy.

How to use Olimp Caffeine Kick?

In the case of Olimp Caffeine Kick , use only 1 capsule a day with plenty of water. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand dietary supplement is recommended for consumption in the morning (providing energy and stimulation for everyday functioning), or before a planned workout.

Due to the stimulating effect of caffeine contained in the preparation, the product should not be used in the evening. It should not be combined with coffee or other caffeinated products. The package contains 60 suggested servings of the product.

Olimp Caffeine Kick - so that you do not run out of concentration!

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Caffeine Kick 200 mg Olimp - 60 capsules
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