Beta Alanine Biotech USA - 300g

Biotech USA
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  • Pure pharmaceutical grade beta-alanine
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Improves strength
  • Increases carnosine and training capacity and the rate of regeneration
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Biotech USA Beta Alanine Powder

Beta Alanine supplement from BioTechUSA contains the highest quality Beta-Alanine without the addition of other active ingredients. Economical packaging contains 75 daily servings. The BioTech product is completely sugar free and does not contain doping substances, therefore it can be used by professional athletes.

Beta Alanine is one of the best precursors of Muscle Carnine. Therefore, this supplement is addressed primarily to people training endurance sports - running, cycling, triathlon, swimming and endurance and strength disciplines - martial arts, MMA, American football. It will also work well in bodybuilding - among bodybuilders it is considered a Creatine synergist. Increase in carnosine production, de-acidification of muscles and increase in endurance and power!

Biotech USA Beta Alanine Nutritional Information:

Amount Per serving (4g) of Biotech USA Beta Alanine powder:

  • Β-Alanine 4000 mg

Other Ingredients in Biotech USA Beta Alanine powder: Beta alanine, anti-caking agent(tricalcium phosphate).

Biotech USA Beta Alanine powder Supplement Use:

ON TRAINING DAYS: Take 1 serving 30 - 45 minutes prior to exercise and 1 serving post workout. ON NON-TRAINING DAYS: Consume 1 serving prior to your first meal of the day and another serving 6-8 hours later. Mix 1 serving of powder (4 g = 1 measuring spoons = half a tablespoon) with 250 ml water. For best result, use a shaker bottle. Do not exceed recommended daily allowance.

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Beta Alanine Biotech USA - 300g
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