Beta Solar Olimp - 30 capsules

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  • 30 servings
  • Pro Tan Blend for Deep Tan and Sunbeds
  • Helps your skin reach the desired dark tone much faster 
  • Protects against radiation that are dangerous to your body


Olimp Beta-SOLAR is a dietary supplement consisting of a composition of active ingredients, arranged in three formulas.

Pro Tan Blend includes in its composition, among others. copper, which helps maintain proper skin pigmentation. Antiox-protect skin Blend is a mixture of natural antioxidants: vitamin E, selenium and manganese, as well as green tea extract, which contribute to strengthening the body's protection against oxidative stress. Vitamin C and zinc, which are components of Beauty skin Blend, help maintain good skin condition.

How does Olimp Beta Solar work?

Beta-SOLAR™ is a unique dietary supplement assisting healthy sunbathing. Antiox-protect skin Blend helps you protect your skin against the effects of free radicals formed due to UV radiation and Pro Tan Blend helps your skin reach a beautiful tone and maintain it for longer period. The addition of hyaluronic acid supplies water to sun-dried skin, making it more firm and elastic.

Pro Tan Blend is a complex of natural active substances supporting the tanning process and changing the skin tone with the participation of UV rays. The carotenoid pigments and L-tyrosine acting in synergy help you obtain a natural and deep tan much quicker. Carotenoids - beta-carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene, lutein - are pigments common in nature, responsible for intensive colouring of vegetables, fruit, fish and crustacea.

PureWay-C® appears in the preparation in the form of a patented complex with citrus bioflavonoids to fight free radicals even more effectively. Vitamin E complements vitamin C, it is a strong antioxidant supplement and it supports melanin synthesis during sunbathing.

The supplement contains the strongest antioxidant minerals in their most bioavailable forms. The form of amino acid chelate guarantees the highest absorbability and effectiveness while neutralising free radicals. ALBION® amino acid chelates of selenium, zinc, manganese and copper offer the highest globally available quality.

Hyaluronic acid helps moisturise dried skin from the inside. It can also bind water in deep skin layers, preventing its excessive loss along through evaporation. Due to its structure it perfectly fills micro-damage to skin, making it smooth, elastic and giving it a healthy and natural look. 

Olimp Beta Solar Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Cap
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:

Tanning (Pro Tan Blend):

  • Beta-carotene 7 mg
  • Astaxanthin 2 mg
  • Lycopene 1 mg
  • Lutein 2 mg
  • L-tyrosine 100 mg
  • Copper 1 mg

Supplement Protection facts (Antiox-protect skin Blend):

  • Green tea extract (98% polyphenols, 80% catechins, 55% EGCG) 50 mg
  • Vitamin E 12 mg
  • Manganese 1 mg
  • Selenium 27.5 uq
  • Cystine 10 mg

Beauty Skin Blend 

  • Hyaluronic acid 1 mg
  • Vitamin C 80 mg
  • Zinc 10 mg

Beta Solar® Other Ingredients: Beta-carotene, L-tyrosine, vitamins (L-ascorbic acid – vitamin C Pure Way-C®, dl-á-tocopherol– vitamin E), mineral components (Albion® zinc amino acid chelate, Albion® copper amino acid chelate, Albion® manganese amino acid chelate, Albion® selenium amino acid chelate), green tea extract, astaxanthin, lycopene, lutein, L-cystine, sodium hyaluronate, citrus bioflavonoids, microcrystalline cellulose – filling substance, magnesium stearate – anti-caking agent, capsule (gelatine)

How to Use Beta Solar: Recommended daily intake of supplement: 1 capsule a day between meals.

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Beta Solar Olimp - 30 capsules
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