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ANTI-OX Power Blend Olimp - 60 capsules

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  • Strongest antioxidants formula for active people
  • Complex composition of herbal extracts with natural antioxidants
  • OXXYNEA patented fruit-vegetable complex
  • 60 capsules

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Olimp Anti-OX Power Blend - strong antioxidant formula. Olimp Anti-OX Power Blend is an ideal for everyone, especially for athletes, bodybuilders and every active person. This excellent supplement is full of extracts obtained from 22 vegetables and fruits, in addition to the powerful power of vitamins and antioxidants, Olimp Anti-OX Power Blend contains micronized trans resveratrol and is a rich source of polyphenols, flavonoids and carotenoids .

The Anti-Ox Power Blend dietary supplement is characterized by excellent absorption and high digestibility. Thanks to this, the Olimp antioxidant mix is strong and effective.

Anti-OX Power Blend Food supplement with mega dosage of antioxidants in capsules. Complex composition of herbal extracts with natural antioxidants.

Olimp AntiOX Blend ingredients benefits:


- Patented mixture consisting of 22 extracts from vegetables and fruits (among other things from tomato, carrot, green tea, broccoli, cabbage, onion, garlic, olives, wheatgerms, cucumber, asparagus, white and red grapes, orange, grapefruit, blueberry, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, apple, apricot, cherry and blackcurrant)
- Antioxidant capacity of 5000 ORAC corresponding to several solid portions of vegetable and fruit
- Unusually concentrated form of compounds with an antiradical effect, perfect for sportsmen
- Studies have shown that OXXYNEA can reduce total cholesterol level by nearly 12%, increase HDL cholesterol level by 13% as well as increase antioxidant potential by 10%. Additionally, the mixture reduces NADPH oxidase level (considered as the most important precursor of free radicals reactions) by up to 59%! OXXYNEA is a natural richness of polyphenols (anthocyans, proanthocyans, phenolic acids), flavonoids and karotenoids


- Powerful, micronized dose of 100mg
- Delays the aging process, at the moment regarded as the best “anti-aging” antioxidant in the world
- Strengthens the nervous and immune system, improves the function of the vessel endothelium, increases their elasticity, prevents development of inflammations in them, and thereby atherosclerotic changes
- Minimizes undesirable results of estradiol effect (indicates aromatase inhibitory activity), an anti-cancer effect is ascribed to it
- Reduces the pace of breaking up of collagen fibres in the skin as well as in tendons and ligaments exerting a positive effect on the joint regeneration
- In order to use the potential of this compound completely, it should be taken with other flavonoids, which increase its bioavailability and activity level - one of the most important is quercetin present in ANTI-OX power blend as well as lycopene and green tea extract


- Polyphenols, including rhodiola rosea (the most important active substance of roseroot) indicate anti stress and anti-depressant properties

- Rhodiola rosea positively effects the heart muscle, has an anti-cancer, immunostimulating and antioxidant effect
- Is responsible for improvement of intellectual functions
- Effectively protects the liver in therapies based on doping banned in sport


- Naturally produced by algae and marine plankton
- Has properties of slowing down of inflammations, regulates cholesterol level and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin (it can be recommended in diabetics)
- Speeds up the reduction of fatty tissue and increases stamina during exercise
- Confirmed effect on improvement of fertility
- Protects against UV radiation and improves skin appearance
- Regular taking of 5mg of astaxanthin can effectively improve our health condition


- Hepatoprotective effect and improving secreting effect due to the presence of cinnarizine
- Studies show that the extract helps to maintain the proper blood pressure and prevents against pathological vessel narrowing
- There are also tests on its properties in maintaining the proper lipidemia


- Effectively protects the whole nervous system against damage
- Prevents cardiac diseases by strengthening the vessel walls and preventing vessel calcification
- Indicates strong anti-cancer properties


- Slows down the enzymes participating in inflammatory processes - cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase and proinflammatory mediators - leukotrienes and prostaglandins
- Anti-allergic effect and anti-inflammatory strengthening due to slowing down the release of histamine


- Essential compound in energy production in the body
- Strengthens the heart and improves the functioning of the immune system


- Delays the aging process of the body
- Prevents cardiovascular diseases
- Speeds up slimming, reduces low-density lipoprotein cholesterol LDL


- Reduce blood vessel permeability and fragility
- Speed up fat depot distribution by intensifying lipolysis and thermogenesis
- Also indicate anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties


- Reduces blood lipid level
- Has an anti-atherosclerotic and anti-diabetic effect
- Is responsible for better mental and physical efficiency
- Is one of the strongest antioxidants
- Increases the glycogen reserve in the liver


- Has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect
- Indicates properties in preventing urinary tract diseases

    Anti Ox Power Blend Nutritional Information:

    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Serving Per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving:

    • OXXYNEA® 200 mg (Patented fruit-vegetable complex: (tomato, carrot, green tea, broccoli, green cabbage, onion, garlic, olives, wheat germ, cucumber, asparagus, red and white grapes, orange, grapefruit, bilberry, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, apple, apricot, cherry, black currant)
    • Grape seed extract (95% proanthocyanidins) 150 mg
    • Green tea extract (55% EGCG) 150 mg
    • Citrus bioflavonoids 40% 150 mg
    • Trans-resveratrol (Japanese knotweed extract, grape skin extract) 100 mg
    • Rhodiola rosea extract (4% rosavins) 100 mg
    • Quercetin 100 mg
    • Artichoke extract (5% cynarin) 50 mg
    • Cranberry extract (10% PAC) 40 mg
    • Alfa-lipoic acid 30 mg
    • Coenzyme Q10 15 mg
    • Astaxanthin 5 mg
    • Lycopene 1 mg
    • Beta-carotene 1 mg
      of which: Vit. A (retinol equivalente)

    Olimp Anti OX Recommended Use:

    Take 1 capsule daily after your main meal. The product is recommended to adults as a food supplement.

    Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

    Olimp Anti OX Other Ingredients:

    OXXYNEA® patented fruit-vegetable complex (red and white grapes, orange, grapefruit, bilberry, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, apple, apricot, cherry, black currant, tomato, carrot, green tea, broccoli, green cabbage, onion, garlic, olives, wheat germ, cucumber, asparagus), grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera L.), green tea extract (Camellia sinensis L.), citrus bioflavonoids, rhodiola rosea extract (Rhodiola rosea L.), quercetin, japanese knotweed extract (Polygonum cuspidatum, as trans-resveratrol), grape skin extract (Vitis vinifera L., as trans-resveratrol), artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus L.), astaxanthin, cranberry extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.), alfa-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, lycopene, beta-carotene; bulking agent – microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agent – magnesium stearate, capsule (gelatin, colours: E 171, E 172, E 132). *% – recommended daily allowance (RDA).

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    ANTI-OX Power Blend Olimp - 60 capsules
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