Animal Cuts Universal Nutrition - 42 packs

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  • Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • Diuretics complex
  • 30 servings
  • Strong Shredding Formula
  • Made in USA 

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts is an extremely effective fat burner, which is one of the flagship supplements of Universal Nutrition. Proprietary formula of the Cuts Fat Burner is also the greatest advantage of this product.

Universal Nutrition decided to use many ingredients in Animal Cuts, which as a result of synergistic action give an amazing effect in the process of shaping the figure and fighting excess body weight. The Universal brand has focused only on proven and effective substances that have long been the composition of many thermogenic blends and other slimming preparations

What are the benefits of using ANIMAL CUTS?

Multi - ingredient formula of Animal Cuts makes it impossible to define one specific action of the supplement. Manufacturers have divided the ingredients into specific groups that allow for the precise determination of the properties of individual complexes contained in the Universal Nutrition brand thermogenics.

Animal Cuts was designed to eliminate all possible fat tissue ways. Each capsule of Animal Cut sit is a different color or size - each capsule contains something different. It all creates a mixture that, combined with your strong will, will fight your fat forever.

Oolong tea (Oolong Tea) - It speeds up the metabolism and increases fat burning.

Guarana extract - is a source of natural caffeine. It works in many directions. The main effect of its action is strong mental and physical stimulation. It also helps to increase energy production from fat.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea has been famous for its beneficial properties for hundreds of years. It has the ability to eliminate free radicals, reduces the risk of cancer, contains catecholamine EGCG, which inhibits the processes of inactivation and elimination of adrenaline from the body. Thanks to this, it works synergistically with both its own adrenaline and compounds that imitate its action.

Black tea extract - reduces muscle soreness caused by intense cardio or interval training. It also provides antioxidants.

Coffee bean extract and caffeine - guarantee strong stimulation and motivation during training. You will not waste
time training!

White tea extract is a great source of polyphenols supporting the functioning of the body and improving the removal of free radicals.

Cayenne Pepper - intensifies thermogenesis, which accelerates fat burning.

  • Burns adipose tissue at an express pace,
  • Reduces appetite and improves mood,
  • Intensely stimulates,
  • Removes excess water from the body,
  • Increases thermogenesis.


Animal Cuts Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Pack
Servings Per Container: 42

Amount Per Pack:

  • Thermogenic Complex 750mg: Caffeine Anhydrous, Kola Nut, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Raspberry Ketones, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine
  • Metabolic Complex 750mg: Green Tea Extract (98% Polyphenols/45% EGCG), Oolong Tea Extract (50% Polyphenols), Black Tea Extract (60% Polyphenols), Coffee Bean Extract (50% Polyphenols), White Tea Extract (90% Polyphenols)
  • Thyroid Complex 350mg: L-Tyrosine, Olive Leaf Extract (15% Oleuropein), Guggul (2.5% Guggulsterones)
  • Diuretic Complex 800mg: Dandelion Root (Taraxol, Taraxerol), Uva Ursi Leaf (Arbutin, Methyl-Arbutin), Hydrangea Root, Buchu Leaf, Juniper Berry Fruit, Celery Seed
  • Nootropic Complex: 500mg: Choline Bitartrate, Bacopa Monniera (bacopasides A & B), Cocoa (containing Beta Phenylehtylamine): 50mg
  • Cortisol Inhibiting Complex 300mg: Ashwangandha Extract (1.5% Withanolides), Rhodiola Rosea (Rosavins), SerinAid, Magnolia Bark Extract
  • CCK Inhibiting Complex 300mg: Cha-De-Bugre, Hoodia Gordonii, Jojoba Seed Extract (Simmondsin)
  • Bioavailability Complex 500mg: Ginger Root (Gingerols, Shogaols), Cayenne, Grapefruit (6,7-Dihydroxybergamottin), Quercetin, Naringin (Citrus), Bioperine
  • Animal Cuts Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #5. Made In A GMP Facility That Uses Milk, Soy, Egg, Peanuts.

Animal Cuts Supplement Use:

Take one Animal Cuts packs everyday for three consecutive weeks. Follow a cycle consisting of three weeks on and one week off. After your one week off cycle, you can repeat another three week on cycle until you reach your goals. Take on an empty stomach.

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Animal Cuts Universal Nutrition - 42 packs
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