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Amino Target Xplode Olimp - 275g

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  • 25 servings
  • Free from allergens and GMOs
  • No added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars)

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Amino Target Xplode Olimp - 275g

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand introduces a new, pioneering solution to the market! Olimp Amino Target Xplode are "2nd Generation" amino acids! Real revolution among the amino acid supplements you have dealt with so far!

The "2nd Generation" products, such as Olimp Amino Target Xplode, are based on the concept of qualitative and quantitative supply of amino acids, i.e. providing them in exactly the proportions that the body needs to conduct effective exercise and post-workout regeneration! In this way, the popular Xplode series of supplements gains another strong ally to work on their dream figure.

The composition of Olimp Amino Target Xplode

Amino acid complex Olimp Amino Xplode Target is the first step in this type of supplementation personalization products and potentially effective way to nourish the muscles during around training! The composition of the innovative preparation from the Xplode series was designed in terms of the proportion of amino acids, optimal during physical exertion.

Each portion (11 g) of the new Olimp Sport Nutrition dietary supplement provides over 10 g of high-quality amino acids - the fundamental building block of protein molecules - derived from beef protein hydrolyzate, supplemented with free amino acids. All this in order to obtain the most similar amino acid profile to that found in a human muscle cell. In principle, this is to guarantee the correctness of the energy and biochemical processes during exercise, thus delaying the occurrence of peripheral fatigue (muscle fatigue) and central fatigue (experienced at the level of the brain).

Olimp Amino Target Xplode vis the opposite of classic amino acid products, which are based on raw materials, the amino acid profile of which differs from that found in the body.

Olimp Amino Target Xplode is:

  • free from allergens and GMOs
  • no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars)
  • intended for use before, during and after physical exertion
  • can be combined with other products that do not contain proteogenic amino acids, e.g. pre-workouts, fat burners, creatine, HMB, vitamins and minerals or carbohydrate supplements

How to use Olimp Amino Target Xplode?

The amino acid preparation Olimp Amino Target Xplode is intended for daily pre-workout supplementation. The manufacturer recommends using the product once - twice a day, one portion (11 g of powder) before meals or training and after exercise. The dietary supplement can also be taken with a meal once a day, supplementing the diet with high-quality amino acids.

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Amino Target Xplode Olimp - 275g
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