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Alpha GPC 7Nutrition

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  • An effective nootropic agent
  • Supports the nervous system and brain functions
  • Increases GABA

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Alpha GPC 7Nutrition

7Nutrition Alpha GPC dietary supplement is one of the best sources of bioactive choline. Choline in the form of Alpha GPC is easily digestible.

Alpha GPC is  also an effective precursor of acetylcholine (ACh) , a neurotransmitter that supports the nervous system and  effectively improves brain functions and intellectual abilities.

Alpha GPC is one of the best supplements to increase choline levels in the body. It has a beneficial effect on the production of acetylcholine and protects cell membranes. As a result, it significantly facilitates the absorption of new information, increases the effectiveness of learning and improves the ability to concentrate and focus.

7Nutrition is a very useful supplement in mental work, during the exam session or in other situations that require intense mental activity

7 Nutrition Alpha GPC Ingredients:

Active ingredients 1 capsule

  • Alpha GPC 99% (L-alfa-glicerylofosforylcholina) 300 mg

Alpha GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline); bulking agent - maltodextrin; HPMC cellulose capsule.

Recommended use of Alpha GPC:

Take 1 capsule a day before going to bed or restarting, which plenty of water. 

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Alpha GPC 7Nutrition
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