What are the Benefits of Collagen?

Collagen is a substance produced by the body which goes throughout our systems and is used to repair, strengthen, and build many different parts of the body. The body actually recognizes collagen as a nutrient, as it would vitamins or minerals, and uses it and distributes it as such.

Therefore, collagen isn’t always used by the body to target specific areas, but is distributed equally throughout the body. Due to this, sometimes we find ourselves in need of a collagen supplement, or in need of adding extra collagen to our diets. That’s where collagen supplements come in most useful.

But, after all this, what are the actual uses and benefits of collagen, and why should you take it?

Well, you will find that collagen actually has many uses in your body, and that taking it might improve your appearance and health in many different ways; some inside your body, and some outside you body. Below you can see some of the main uses and benefits of collagen.

Collagen May Improve Muscle Health

Muscles are almost mainly comprised of collagen. This means that when your body ages and ceases to produce as much collagen as before, your muscles might also begin to either lose mass more quickly, or begin to lose their elasticity and adherent properties.

So, when this begins to happen, your best option is probably to begin to supplement your diet with a collagen supplement. Of course, you can only build healthy muscle by exercising and working out, therefore accompanying your collagen intake with exercise and a good diet is the key; but that collagen addition to your body will be a great boost.

In addition to this, it is important to know that collagen is what makes your muscles connect to your bones and joints. So, when a collagen deficiency begins to occur in your body, there is also a chance that you may begin to experience joint pain or weaker muscles and or bone performance. Therefore, using collagen in this case may also help to repair and reconstruct your muscle-to-bone bonds.

Collagen May Help Boost Muscle Mass

For the same reasons stated above, regarding muscles being comprised mainly of naturally produces collagen, your muscles mass greatly depends on both the amount of collagen the muscles have to work with, and the amount of exercise you put into building these muscles up.

Therefore, if you’re already doing all the necessary exercise, but you have not been able to see the difference you would like to, one thing you can do is add a collagen supplement to your diet, and you will be both helping your muscle become more healthy and lively, and you will be able to begin to see the differences in your body mass in no time.

Of course, like everything else, there are limits to what collagen can do in terms of boosting muscle mass, and there is also a healthy limit to it; but if you take collagen while doing regular and healthy exercises, you may be able to see the impact it has on your body.

Taking Collagen May Lead to a Healthier Gut

Much like your muscles, collagen is also one of the main components in your gut tissue. The stomach, intestines, and most vital organs, rely greatly upon the amount of collagen your body is producing. You may be able to deduce, therefore, that the lack of collagen greatly affects the health and performance of your gut.

When there is a collagen deficiency, or your body is simply not producing the normal amount of collagen, your gut might show signs of being affected, which usually appears in the form of leaky gut or digestive issues such as heartburn or colic pains.

When this happens, the best course to take is to go to a doctor and see if what you have is in fact not malignant or urgent. If it is not threatening, it is sometimes recommended to mention taking collagen supplements to your doctor, and seeing if he or she believes it to be something worth while.

Collagen is Great for your Hair and Skin

One of collagen’s most popular and well-known uses is for hair and nail health. It is said to promote hair strength, promote skin elasticity, and function as an all-around age-defying supplement. Of course, one cannot escape ageing, but one can definitely aid the body with some collagen supplements, and add to the already existing collagen in the body for an extra boost of elasticity!

It also is said to help hair grow in healthier and stronger, so another good way to revert the consequences of ageing is by giving your hair some extra love, and helping it grow in stronger and glossier!


Now you know all about collagen’s most prevalent uses and benefits but what products are the best to purchase?

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