What is CBD Oil and it's health benefits?

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol, which is a compound extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is non-psychoactive. This CBD is blended in coconut oil or hemp seed oil, also known as the carrier oil, to form CBD Oil. The CBD prevents the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that is responsible for pain, mood, and brain function. The exact functioning of the process is not clear, but this is very effective for reducing pain and anxiety.

Health Benefits of CBD

The use of CBD oil has always been a controversial topic because of sister cannabinoid THC. But research has shown that there are many potential health benefits of using CBD oil. Here are a few of the health benefits of CBD oil

Anxiety relief

Research conducted by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, showed that CBD could act as anti-anxiety. World Health Organization’s report ranked anxiety disorder as the sixth-largest contributor to disability globally. Anxiety treated by a pharmaceutical drug can have a lot of side effects, including insomnia, agitation, and headache, etc.

CBD can act as an anti-anxiety by reducing stress and decreasing the physiological effects like a high heartbeat rate. CBD also induces sleep in some insomnia patients, which can help reduce anxiety.

Pain Relief

CBD can relieve the pain by interacting with ECS. ECS (Endocannabinoid System) is a cell-signaling system that regulates signals like sleep, pain, and immune system response. CBD interacts with the receptors in your brain and creates an anti-inflammatory/ pain-relieving effect that is responsible for reducing pain.

CBD can be combined with THC for relieving pain associated with sclerosis and arthritis. This combination of CBD and THC is also for the treatment of MS Pain. Research has also revealed that CBD can be beneficial if they’re taken after chemotherapy.

Boosts Immune System

CBD can be beneficial for a person suffering from an autoimmune disease, but for an average healthy person, it can be hazardous. An autoimmune disease is a medical condition in which the immune system is not working properly, and instead of attacking the antigens, it attacks the healthy cells.

CBD is an immunosuppressant, and its anti-inflammatory property can help fight against many autoimmune diseases. There are further researches carried out to study the link between the CBD and the immune system. But the initial findings are promising enough to use CBD as a natural therapy for autoimmune diseases.

Heart Health

CBD can improve the heart health of a person by reducing the risk of high blood pressure. It can also reduce the stroke volume, which indicates more effective pumping of blood. Stroke volume is the amount of residual blood in the heart after the heartbeat.

Types of CBD Oil?

Generally, there are three types of CBD Oil.

1) Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil consists of fats, minerals, cannabinoids, vitamins, and of course, CBD. The CBD is present in the highest ratio. Full-spectrum CBD Oil has enhanced calming effects due to the minerals and vitamins present in it.

These oils are recommended for pain relief, and these oils have better anti-inflammatory performance due to the presence of omega-6, omega-3, and vitamin E. Full-spectrum oil is also very effective in controlling the sugar level in blood and cholesterol.

2) CBD Isolate

CBD isolates oils contain only CBD in them, along with the carrier oil. The concentration of CBD can vary from 90 to 99%. These oils are also THC free, which makes them a preferred choice for athletes as using THC is counted as doping. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and turned into a white powder. This powder is then dissolved into base oil to form CBD isolate.

3) Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad-spectrum CBD oils are similar to the full spectrum CBD oils with no THC in them. The highest concentration of CBD available in broad-spectrum CBD is about 80%. This oil is ideal for a person who does not want to consume THC like athletes.

The vitamins and omegas are also present in broad-spectrum oil as in full-spectrum oil, and they provide the same enhanced therapeutic effects.

For these reasons, the broad-spectrum oil is considered better than the CBD isolate oil.

CBD Oil Products

These oils are also processed into products like massage oil, tincture, and capsules. All three types of oils are used in this conversion.

Massage oils are used for treating skin or hair diseases and can help reduce joint pain.

CBD is mixed with ethanol to form a tincture, which is placed under the tongue. From here, it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Capsules are used for overall health benefits when there is no skin related disease.

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